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AirPower's History!

AirPower began as AirPower RyBBS, later AirPower BBS, in the mid-1980s.  AirPower was a dial up BBS (Bulletin Board System) first starting with one phone line, then two, and soon four lines.  Originally we catered to users, lovers, collectors, and shooters of high power, high accuracy precision air rifles as well as the classic American collectibles such as Crosman, Benjamin, and Sheridan. Soon, air gun afficianados were dialing into AirPower from all over the U.S.A. and even a few from Europe! The interest was there so we next joined Fidonet, a system connecting 50,000 BBSs world-wide. Expansion continued tremendously as did the types  of information being transmitted through our network lines but all the while AirPower remained true to its primary mission, "AirPower helps connect you to the information you most need."  Additional networks continued to be added, as well as two redundant Internet connections giving each of our users two different email domains, and all before there was a www!  International news wire feeds and other news services added making AirPower's users among the most informed in the world!  AirPower also owned and operated our own Usenet news server. This was a fascinating era in our history and for those of you who would like to learn more, see this great documentary, BBS: The Documentary.

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